My School Ankur

Ankur was established in the year 2005 with a mission to impart quality education to children whose parents do not have enough means to support them. Ankur, the shoot is the first phase from where with the help of nature a sapling grows to a full grown tree, contributing back to earth the essential elements upon which life sustains. Similarly, childhood is the first stage from where a human being begins the life’s journey. At this stage the child requires proper education to imbibe in him the human values which forms the basic foundation to mould him into a man of substance. Ankur, established in the year 2005 with a mission to impart quality education to children whose parents do not have enough means to support them. It is a collective effort of dedicated persons, some of whom also carrying enriched industrial experience around export firms. Our mission is to help our students in bettering themselves as human beings with values to contribute to the society ,which has nurtured them, when they grow up. Due to paucity of funds and infrastructure, Ankur admits only 25 children of 2+ to 3 years of age every year. Today, the school has about 100 students ranging from Nursery I to class II. The need of finance and administrative constraints will grow as the school expands every year. Our goal may seem quite ambitious but with collective effort and team -work we are confident that we can surely reach our goal.

Our Story

Ankur in bengali means a young sapling needing nurture and care to grow into a full -grown tree with its branches spread and roots grounded ready to face the hardships. Here our main aim is to mould the young ones into confident and eucated humans. We strive at imparting values which forms the basic foundation of ones ideologies through academic and scholastic development. The target students here are those coming from a socio- economic section of society where the parents do not have the financial means of providing basic english medium education but have big ambitions for their children.


Quality Education is the primary factor which prevents the society of the underprivileged from growing out of the poverty. Education is the path to unlocking the potential of a child as it helps them venture the unventured and grow their outer knowledge while giving them confidence to face the world. It is Ankur’s responsibility to reach out to as many children possible who are being deprived of their basic human right, education.


Up till now Ankur offers education till standard Y and can provide education to only X number of students over 3 batches during the day and with the help of Y number of volunteered teachers. Ankur aspires to start educating pupils till Standard X under the curriculum of the prestigious CBSE board as Ankur is already in the practice of following CBSE curriculum till Standard VI. The lack of infrastructure is acting as a big barrier in letting Ankur grow by providing education to more innocent souls.