My School Ankur

What is the strict screening process followed to ensure only the most deserving candidates are selected?

In ankur, only students from financially weak background are selected for admission. To ensure this we follow a strict protocol. Intersested parents are asked to submit birth certificates and are called for interview along with the child. We thoroughly gather information regarding family background and financial condition. After this we go for surveys where we physically check the living condition of the child.

Why do we only take admission in nursery 1?

Here in ankur we strive to achieve quality education for the children. Emphasis is given on english communication and playway methods of teaching. We mould the students as required making them confident and empasizing on their academic and scholistic development. As the majority of the students come from underpriviliged background they would not be able to cope with the curriculum if they take admission in higher classes.

How is our curicullum decided?

A thorough study has been done on the curriculum structure of popular english medium playschools and schools. This was used as the basis on which our curicullum has been developed. On top of this, the various new teaching techniques are introduced at regular intervals. Our teachers come up with new games and activities as teaching methods which are also included in our curriculum.

What are our evaluation methods?

In ankur, we evaluate our students on the basis of academic, scholistic and behavioural developments. We give emphasis on how confident a child is becoming about performing tasks and various extra- curricular activites.

What kind of support do we get from the parents?

The majority of parents of our students have very little or no exposure to education. In spite of this they willingly follow the instructions given by the school. Once a week one parent joins our class where they help the teachers in maintaining the class and also understand the way classes are conducted and the methods we follow. They also participate in activities such as functions or picnics that are organized by the school.

How did we cope with classes during the pandemic?

Covid-19 has shown us some very difficult times. The school had to remain closed for nearly 2 years and finally could open its doors on 12/12/2021. Classes were taken on alternate days. Just as things started to turn normal the pandemic hit again with cases rising and we were under lockdown. Taking classes became very difficult. But technology became a boon . Even though a majority of the parents come from a weak economic background, nearly all of them own smartphones. Online classes were started through google meet. Here also we faced challenges. We had to train the parents on how to download and install the app and how to join the classes. We were able to take classes but sadly a few of our students were left out as their parents did not own smartphones.

What is the class strength?

We ensure that each student is given individual attention. To achieve this, we have limited the number of student admisson to 25 .

The NGO'S that were associated with Ankur

Usa pathways to children (team with school children) has done a documentary on ankur