My School Ankur

About Us

In Ankur, ‘Every Child is a King’! Ankur’s vision is to provide proper education to increasing number of students every day, month, year. Currently, its only sponsored and supported by Ventury Engineering Private Limited and Ankur is doing the most it can with its available resources. Ankur wishes to shift to a larger property in order to accommodate more students and help them group with more exposure. Ankur is looking for more corporate tie ups and individual support. Help a child with whatever you want, today! Your donation results to an innocent smile.

The Present

Ankur is currently a school which can teach a maximum of X students and is supported by X teachers, voluntarily. Ankur has become like a family where the activities taking place are not only education but Ankur supports co-curricular activities.

The Past

Ankur was founded in the year 2005 and it has been providing education to the underprivileged students with the help of Ventury Engineering’s support since then.

The Future

If aids are available, ankur wishes to grow from a play and primary school to a high school with classes up to 12.